Sopwith Scooter


Model Class:IPS models up to 8oz.
Wingspan30.00" (76.2 cm.)
Weight8.00 oz. (226.8 gm.)
Power unit (Prototype):small outrunner
CAD drawn plan is available
Short kit is available
Build Thread

The Sopwith Scooter and Sopwith Swallow, monoplanes 1 ans 2, were both types that never went past the prototype stage. Basically monoplane versions of the Camel, they were sufficiently alike that this model can be used to depict either type. Although drawn as the more colourful Scooter, Paul Kohlmann decided to finish the prototype model as the military Swallow.
An easy to build, fine flying model, the design can be powered by either a GWS IPS unit or a CD-R style outrunner (as Paul did).
With non scale dihedral for stability, the R/E/T controlled prototype proved nicely aerobatic, whilst still being a pleasant model for slow cruising around.

The plan shows all parts in print-wood format, to allow easy transfer of part shapes to wood.